Empowering Women to Take Control of Their Fertility Journey

INVOcell is a new fertility treatment that helps women get pregnant at half the cost of a regular IVF cycle. By offering this lower priced fertility treatment, we hope to bridge the gap between IUI and IVF. We began offering INVOcell at Family Beginnings in 2017 and are proud to have welcomed the first INVOcell babies in Indiana!

INVOcell is known as an intra-vaginal culture system (IVC). This means that instead of incubating in the laboratory, your embryos grow inside the INVOcell device in the upper cavity of the vagina. The eggs are fertilized by sperm inside your body (in vivo) instead of in the laboratory. Your body has the right temperature and gas exchange to support early embryo growth, just like the incubators in the lab. We’ve had many beautiful embryos result from INVOcell cycles, and the pregnancy rates are almost identical to IVF.

Inspiring, Innovative, Inexpensive

We decided in 2017 to offer INVOcell because of our concern about the access to care for infertility treatment. It’s estimated that 75% of people who could benefit from IVF are not able to use it due to cost. Simple treatments like IUI may cost several hundreds of dollars, while patients who need more advanced treatments like IVF might spend over $15,000 for a single cycle. INVOcell is right in the middle of the cost spectrum. Most importantly, we do ICSI with all INVOcell cycles, and we see about 80% of the injected eggs form embryos, just like conventional IVF.

We are very impressed with the embryos we see. Below are embryo pictures from one of our conventional IVF patients and an INVOcell patient; both produced high quality embryos and got pregnant. Additionally, we have had numerous patients freeze extra embryos from INVOcell and we have pregnancies and deliveries from these cryopreserved embryos, just like regular IVF.



Family Beginnings was the first clinic in Indiana to offer INVOcell.

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