Our unique practice of medicine involves the most technologically advanced procedures while dealing with some of the most basic emotional and social issues people must cope with at critical junctures in their lives. All of our staff are compassionate and caring professionals that help our patients on a daily basis. Some of our patients may need additional counseling services. Renate Donahue, MSW, LCSW, is our in-house counselor and has been helping our patients with issues related to infertility for the past 23 years. Prior to assuming this role, Renate worked in out-patient counseling for more than a decade.

Patients see Renate for a number of reasons. Some may be dealing with grief and loss issues and would like to talk to someone that is not a family member or clergy member. Men and women both experience these concerns. Patients may have recurrent miscarriages, premature menopause or IVF failure. Men and women may both be dealing with male factor infertility as the primary cause of the infertility. Counseling is provided as an optional service for all of our patients.

Per ASRM, counseling is mandatory for patients using 3rd party reproduction. This includes donor sperm, donor eggs, donor embryos, and gestational carriers. These more complex forms of assisted reproduction include emotional issues that need to be addressed before the start. We may order an MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory) test, which is a 567 question survey that is done in our office and takes 2-3 hours to complete. The MMPI results are then evaluated by our Psychologist before the counseling session. This process takes several weeks.

In order to facilitate the time spent with Renate, we would like patients to fill out the General Counseling Information Form. Renate uses this information to better understand her clients before their first visit. We request that all patients call the office to set up a time for the consult. It is our goal to fully address the emotional component of infertility and help couples deal with these factors.