Our Accreditation

Our Accreditation

Our IVF practice is in complete compliance with all mandatory and voluntary regulatory agencies. Not all IVF programs in the United States go to this length to assure quality; we feel that our patients deserve this rigorous approach to quality care.

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Our IVF facility is accredited to ensure the utmost in patient safety and comfort for IVF egg retrievals. We are the 1st and only IVF facility in Indiana to be accredited by this patient safety organization. We have board-certified anesthesiologists provide anesthesia care during procedures.

Our IVF lab is completely accredited by CAP. The quality assurance and quality control measures we take assure our patients that the IVF laboratory operates with the highest standards available.

Our practice is compliant with these organizations’ requirements, which set the standard for the practice of advanced reproductive medical care in the US.

We are in compliance of the FDA’s guidelines with respect to human cells, tissues, and tissue based products (HCT/P). These guidelines concern proper infectious disease screening.

From the endocrine (i.e. hormone testing) laboratory to the andrology and embryology high-complexity laboratories, our practice is in compliance with CLIA guidelines. This includes the professionals on staff, our quality assurance/quality control programs, and proficiency testing. Adherence to CLIA guidelines assures our patients that they are getting the highest quality procedures.

The ABB certifies Dr. Donahue as a High Complexity Laboratory Director (HCLD). Dr. Donahue has additional certification meeting the requirements of CLIA and ABB. He is the only MD in Indiana with this certification and one of about 5% of Lab Directors that are Medical Doctors. Because IVF is lab dependent, it’s reassuring to our patients that our physician understands the laboratory aspects of IVF and can put the clinical and lab data into perspective in order to provide the highest level of care.