Our Office

Our IVF lab and office opened in the fall of 2008 after two years of diligent planning and construction. A variety of factors go into creating a good IVF lab. To name a few, the lab must have an organized layout, strict safety measures, and the right people to make it all work. We believe we’ve gone above and beyond in every aspect.

A lot of IVF labs are not practical because they are built into existing hospital operating rooms or offices. Some programs have their lab and procedure room on opposite sides of the building. Our IVF lab was built from the ground up with the intention of creating a functional and efficient space. We have a retrieval room, embryology lab, cryopreservation room and two accessory labs. The IVF lab and retrieval room are side by side, so the incubators are only a few feet away from the procedure table. This feature keeps retrievals and transfers quick and effective. 

Factors like air quality, temperature, and light are known to affect human eggs and embryos − our lab was created with these aspects in mind. Air quality in the lab is enhanced with minimal light, no alcohols or perfumes, non-toxic paints, HEPA and charcoal filtered air, positive pressure and general sterility precautions. All of our equipment is tested regularly to make sure that it is working properly. This testing proves the quality of our system, but the most important outcomes are embryo growth and pregnancy rates. Ours are excellent, and the attention to detail in the lab pays off.

Our lab has passed all inspections by the College of American Pathology (CAP) with flying colors.

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